On December 4th, 2019, Tetsu Nakamura, the greatest Japanese supporter in Afghanistan passed away.

Tetsu is a doctor, devoting over 30 years of his life for Afghanistan, digging over 1,600 wells to provide drinkable water, installing over 25 km of irrigation canal for people, and delivering what people really need…

My friend is literally like a “library”.

He is 10 years older than me, currently working in education industry, reading books all the time (read over 3,000+ books) and writing book reviews occasionally.

Project about “time”

Three years ago, we were working on a project about “time”.

Time is the only resource that…

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“S” of SHE stands for “Strong”, “Strategic” and “Smart”.

I found this quote on the wall in a women’s bathroom.

Since I was born, women around me are always removing bias against female. My grandma, mom, piano professor, and my sister. I have never talked about my sister to people…

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“Desperation and unhappiness stretch your whole sensibility.”

– Francis Bacon

Maybe, I envy my friend.

A friend who decided to truly be himself after coming out.

He feared for people leaving him after coming out as a transgender, but he decided to live as he is and now he is…

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Many organizations promote themselves as “one-stop”. There are so many “one-stop” centers — that means that the one-stop often covers one topic in one place, but there are always entrepreneurs stuck in holes that nobody covers.

They need a support that allow them to pivot, adjust and accelerate.

The support…

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Good morning, passengers. This is your startup supporter speaking. First I’d like to welcome everyone to Shibuya. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 33.21m. The weather looks good and we are expecting you to land in Shibuya approximately three month later.

You are all curious when you can…

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When I joined one of the events for entrepreneurs, a moderator asked

“how can I be a CEO?”

“well, if you bring 250,000 JPY and fill out around 20 pages of papers, you can be a CEO in 1–2 weeks” — that was my answer.

International entrepreneurs struggle with the…

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Some of my friends are curious how come I returned back to “government” job.

The decision making process among Japanese corporations is slow — the speed is even slower in government sectors most of the time.

Did I like working with a government ? — nope, it’s super time consuming.

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As Shibuya Startup Support (SSS) announced, Shibuya city started providing the 1-year startup visa for entrepreneurs planning to launch a business for the following fields :

  • Health, Medical, Welfare
  • Environment/Energy
  • Food/Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries
  • Information Technologies
  • Culture/Art
  • Fashion

Startup Welcome Service (SWS) will support the seamless support including startup visa application, incorporation process…

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International entrepreneurs holding visa always have chicken and the egg problem when they start a business, find an office, or transition the visa.

The legal system in Japan assigns these administrative tasks to different “national certified” consultants. For instance,

  • Immigration : “certified” Administrative Scrivener / 申請取次行政書士
  • Office : “registered” Real-estate…

Miho Tanaka

Startup Work Inc.

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