Find our καιρός

Project about “time”

Three years ago, we were working on a project about “time”.


Chronos / χρόνος

Chronos is the limited “time” that we all have equally — 24 hours per day. Chronos is the quantitative time that we consume, that moves on toward our death and something that we cannot take it back.


Kairos / καιρός

Kairos is what we call “timing” nowadays. Kairos is the qualitative time that we cannot measure, but the opportunity that suddenly passes.

Equality of time

What I liked about researching about “time” is that

  • no one can buy time — this will foster equality among people
  • no supremacy, and no economic or social status attached

Time put into books

My friend like a library once told me “Instead of going to random events, read books. Authors committed a huge amount of time to finish writing books, and they often thoroughly consider the contents while writing it.

Call our καιρός

I don’t like to see something unfair based on bias that is built on vail of ignorance. Without removing the vail, we are all biased, and we don’t know how much we are biased at all.



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