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  • Tugi Guenes

    Tugi Guenes

    Building bridges, enabling visions and spreading the word! Entrepreneurship | Storytelling | Tech | Video Games | 📍🇨🇭

  • Founder Collective

    Founder Collective

    Our mission is to be the most aligned VC for founders at seed. #ProudInvestor in @Uber @TheTradeDeskinc @Buzzfeed @Cruise @Diaandco @PillPack @SeatGeek & more.

  • Scurid


    Customer-centric data integrity solutions that deliver decentralized IDs for Industrial IoT and digital business models.

  • Abhay Tiwari

    Abhay Tiwari

    Social Entrepreneur | ScientistPage Inc. | Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Alisher Abdulkhaev

    Alisher Abdulkhaev

    Machine Learning Engineer @ Browzzin & board member of Machine Learning Tokyo: https://medium.com/@mltai

  • Chika Yamamoto

    Chika Yamamoto

    起業家。CROSSBIE UGのMD。日本とヨーロッパを繋ぐスタートアップ支援に注力。2020年後半、ベルリンでアクセラレーションも行います。投資相談や協業相談受付中!ノキアで製品開発、新規事業立ち上げなどを経てNYCでEduTechでCPO。香港の会社に売却を経てベルリンへ。bistreamでCOOしてました。

  • founders network

    founders network

    Founders Network offers peer mentorship for over 500 vetted tech startup founders. http://www.totally.me/foundersnetwork

  • TechBBQ


    TechBBQ is the annual celebration of the Danish startup scene. Get together in September 2018 in Copenhagen. Date & venue announcement soon!

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